About the Event 23-27 october 2023


Welcome to the official website for the Danish/Swedish Business Delegation Visit to Accra, Ghana, hosted by the Embassy of Ghana in Copenhagen in collaboration with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

Why Ghana?

Ghana remains a stable democracy in Africa with a competitive investor friendly environment.

Ghana is resource-rich, has a significant pool of human resources, and plugged into the global economy.

This delegation visit will enable participating companies to meet local key partners and potential customers, introduce their products and services, and gain first-hand knowledge about entry into the Ghanaian market.

Kindly note that a password is needed for registration, should there be anyone interested in registering, please ask them to contact me via email for it. This is a security measure to ensure the details of the participating delegates are protected.

Joycelyn Narelle Atiase,
Trade and Investment Officer
call us +45 81 80 11 12


Kigali, 26-27 June 2023

Rwanda and the EU are key economic partners. EU investment represents more than 32% of Rwanda’s total FDI stock and is expanding. Rwanda boasts the highest growth among EAC countries, the second highest Doing Business Ranking in Africa, and has the vision to become a middle-income country by 2035. With its excellent business environment, its world-class business facilitation ecosystem, its young and dynamic population (65% below 30), and its stable economy, Rwanda is an ideal location for trade and investment, as well as the perfect  regional hub and springboard to other EAC markets.

The EU-Rwanda Business Forum aims to foster European trade & investment in Rwanda by highlighting economic opportunities and potential and showcasing Rwanda’s advantages as a regional hub. The event will promote Rwanda as a business destination, boost EU investment to create decent jobs and promote sustainable and diversified growth. In addition, the Business Forum will also feature development finance institutions which will explore investment opportunities under the European Fund for Sustainable Development +, one of the Global Gateway’s funding tools.

The event will be open to all interested sectors with a particular focus on agriculture/agro-processing, mining/raw material value chains, health and pharmaceutical sector and green economy (see tabs above for more information on the potential in these sectors).

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In case you missed it: AFRICA’s MEGA infrastructure project – the Trans-African Highways across the #continent are progressing slowly but surely – what you should know: Envisaged more than 40 years ago by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), the #AfricanDevelopmentBank (AfDB), and the #AfricanUnion in conjunction with regional international communities, is a network of #highways intended to connect all corners of #Africa from north to south, east to west. The ambitious plan, first proposed in 1971, is aimed at boosting 03.03.2023

 internal #trade on the #continent by building nine #roads linking major cities across Africa. Those networks would collectively measure nearly 60,000km.

While progress has been slow, the completion of this project will mark a new dawn for Intra-African trade. One of the nine planned roads is already complete – the 4,400km Trans-Sahelian Highway which runs through seven countries, connecting #Dakar#Senegal to #Ndjamena#Chad. While more than half of the network has been paved, maintenance remains an issue. The other eight highways are progressing steadily. https://lnkd.in/eDGuhmd

After almost 30 years in Africa, these are some of my thoughts By Laura Lykkegaard; 07.08.2022

The strength of Africa is the underlying and at times magic power in individuals, entrepreneurs and big corporates. Yes, we have beauty, great weather, awesome nature, amazing food and not least wine. But at the end of the day; I will ALWAYS highlight the South Africans I know and experience everyday, and the rest of the Africans I get to meet on my travels on the continent.

Watch out – be aware: If you once set foot in Africa you will be captured. All of us who visits or we who are lucky enough to live here all say the same; Africa gets under your skin.

The misunderstandings about Africa are mainly from the rest of the world, those who have not yet experienced Africa, the diversity of Africa, and not least the people of and great opportunities in Africa.

You might not yet know HOW big Africa is. Have a close look at this map. If you are not from Africa, you might – or might not – find your country displayed here for comparison. But hey… wow! Did you know Africa is this big?
Incredibly diverse, of course. There are 54 countries, and hundreds, if not thousands of cultures, languages within its 1,3 billion people.
A continent on the rise. An incredible wealth, and most importantly; the fastest growing middle class in the world, aspiring to live better, educate their children better, and having a better life all together.

I see it again and again when I welcome visitors in Cape Town and South Africa. It literally takes less than a day, and they start having questions such as; “How easy is it to start a business in South Africa?”, “Where should my family and I live – where are the best schools?”, “How do I go about employing locally?”, etc.

They DO NOT ask; “do you think it is worth our while?”, or “will I be happy”. After a few days here, they will do WHATEVER it takes for them to find a way move here.

I love my Africa. I love being a Capetonian.

Meet the four Global Shapers working to provide digital skills for one million Africans 22.07.2022

Africa’s countries are rich in two invaluable assets – a burgeoning youth population and vast natural resources.

For more than a century, foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa was almost exclusively focused on the extraction and export of natural resources. But since the turn of the millennium, the momentum has shifted — and in the past few years the trend has flipped. Læs mere her

Ny frihandelsaftale mellem East African Comunity og EU

eac-flagEn ny frihandelsaftale mellem East African Community og EU ligger nu klar til ratificering. Aftalen sikrer EU gradvis toldfri adgang til markeder i Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda,  Burundi og Sydsudan. Men nogle EAC lande vurderer, at aftalen vender den tunge ende nedad og modsætter sig en ratificering. Læs mere her.

Infomøder om Danida Development Partnerships 15.08.2016

Danida partnerfaciliterDanida Market Development Partnerships blev lanceret i juni 2016 og har fokus på at skabe lokal økonomisk udvikling i udviklingslande. Hvis du er interesseret i at vide mere om det nye program, så holder Udenrigsministeriet et infomøde i København 29. august og et i Århus 2. september 2016. Du kan læse mere og tilmelde dig her.

International konference om energi i Afrika kommer til København 24.06.2016

VestasKonferencen om energi i Afrika bliver afholdt i København i juni 2017 og har til formål at samle offentlige og private aktører indenfor energisektoren for at sætte fokus på investeringsmulighederne i den afrikanske energisektor. Organisation, EnergyNet står bag konferencen. Læs mere

DI-seminar om forretningsmuligheder i Østafrika 29. august 2016 24.06.2016

Africa DI mapDansk Industri arrangerer et halvdags seminar med de danske ambassadører fra Mozambique, Tanzania og Etiopien, som vil fortælle om de respektive landes vækstpotentiale og forretningsmuligheder. Seminaret er gratis og forbeholdt medlemmer af DI. Læs mere og tilmeld dig her.

Zimbabwe lancerer en EU-finansieret handelsportal 22.06.2016

Zimbabwe lancerede 9. juni 2016 en Trade Information Portal med single-point adgang til bl.a. handelsnyheder, information om handelsregler, told, handelsaftaler, skatter, toldprocedurer, nyttige kontakter og andre ydelser designet til at hjælpe virksomheder. Portalen er udviklet af International Trade Centre (ITC). Læs mere.

Handelsdelegation til Etiopien – landbrug og fødevarer 15.06.2016

Virksomheder indenfor landbrugs- og fødevareteknologi kan være interesseret i denne delegation, som finder sted fra 19. – 22. september 2016 og arrangeres af Dansk Industri. Læs mere

Danish – Angolian Economic Business Forum inden for energi og vand 15.06.2016

Angola DI changedDen Danske Ambassade i Angola og Dansk Industri inviterer danske virksomheder inden for energi- og vandsektoren til at deltage i en erhvervsdelegation til Angola fra 11. – 14. september 2016. Læs mere

Dansk forretningsdelegation til Mozambique med Danida 12.06.2016

Mozambique EnergyDelegationen tager afsted i efteråret 2016 og har fokus på energi, olie & gas, transport og infrastruktur. Som deltager får du mulighed for at undersøge forretningsmulighederne i landet, møde vigtige beslutningstagere, få kendskab til udfordringerne inden for de fire sektorer og se hvordan jeres løsninger kan passe ind. Læs mere på DI’s webside.

Danske idéer skal fjerne Kenyas affaldsbjerge 26.05.2016

Kenya affald1Danmark har underskrevet en samarbejdsaftale på miljøområdet med Kenya. De to lande har samarbejdet om miljø, vand og landbrug via Danida i mere end 50 år, og det er den indsats, der bygges videre på i dag. Danske virksomheder og myndigheder kan levere den grønne teknologi og viden, som Kenya har hårdt brug. Læs mere

Danske fødevarekompetencer skal på menuen i Kenya 25.05.2016

Kenya ny

Danmark underskrev 25. maj 2016 en samarbejdsaftale, som skal øge fødevaresikkerheden i Kenya og bane vejen for danske virksomheder. Aftalen skal sikre, at dansk viden inden for sporbarhed og fødevaresikkerhed kan komme kenyanske myndigheder til gode. Læs mere

Danske virksomheder med kurs mod Afrika 19.05.2016

Kurs mod Afrika2Målt på eksporten til Afrika halter Danmark efter vores nabolande. Derfor går Dansk Industri og Industriens Fond nu sammen om ”Projekt Afrikanisering – fra Næstved til Nairobi”. Projektet har til formål at hjælpe danske mellemstore virksomheder ud på markederne i Kenya og Tanzania. Læs mere